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Название книгиИздания
Naitonal Academy Press ?postdoctoral? Appointments Anddisappointments1(1981)
Nap: ?alternative? Agriculture (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: ?biodiversity Videotape? Set (includes Paperback Book)1(1989)
Nap: ?biodiversity: The ?video? Tape1(1990)
Nap: ?breast Cancer?: Setting Priorities For Effectiveness Research (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: ?pay? Equity: Empirical Inquiries (cloth)1(1989)
Nap: A Challenge Of Numbers: People In The Mathematical Sciences (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: A Review Of The Usgs National Water Quality Assessment Pilot Program (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: A Safer Future: Reducing The Impacts Of Natural Disasters (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Advanced Power Sources For Space Missions (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Advances In Photoreception (proceedings Of A Symp On Front Of Visual Sci (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Advances In Understanding Genetic Changes In Cancer: Impact On Diagnosis & Treatment Decisions In The 1990s (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Agricultural Biotechnology: Strategies For National Competitiveness (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Aids: The Second Decade (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Aids: The Second Decade (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Allied Health Services: Avoiding Crises (cloth)1(1989)
Nap: Allied Health Services: Avoiding Crises (paper)1(1989)
Nap: Alternative Agriculture (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Alternatives For Inspecting Outer Continental Shelf Operations (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: An International Directory Of Building Research Organizations (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Animals As Sentinels Of Environment Health Hazards (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Applications Of Biotechnology To Traditional Fermented Foods (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Assessing Medical Technologies/medical Technol Assessment Directory 2 Vol Set1(1992)
Nap: Assessing The Nation?s Earthquakes: The Health & Future Of Reg Seismo Net (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Assessment Of Research Needs For Wind Turbine Rotor Materials Technology (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Assessment Of The U S Outer Cont Shelf Env Stud Prog: Physical Oceanography (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Assessment Of The U.s.outer Continental Shelf Environmental Studies Program Ii: Ecology (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Balancing The National Interest: Us National Security Export Controls/global Etc1(1987)
Nap: Biographical Memoirs Vol 561(1986)
Nap: Biographical Memoirs Vol 571(1987)
Nap: Biographical Memoirs Vol 591(1990)
Nap: Biographical Memoirs Vol 601(1991)
Nap: Biographical Memoirs Vol581(1990)
Nap: Biologic Markers In Immunotoxicology (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Biologic Markers In Pulmonary Toxicology (cloth)1(1989)
Nap: Biologic Markers In Pulmonary Toxicology (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Biologic Markers In Reproductive Toxicology (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Biologic Markers In Reproductive Toxicology (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Biologic Markers Of ?air–pollution? Stress & Damage In Forests (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Biosafety In The Laboratory: Prudent Practice For The Handling & Disposal Of (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Broadening The Base Of Treatment For Alcohol Problems1(1990)
Nap: Catalysis Looks To The Future (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Cattle Inspection: Committee On Evaluation Of Usda Sis–c (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Challenges For The 1990?s For Arms Control & International Security (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Coastal Meteorology: A Review Of The State Of The Science (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Colorado River Ecology & Dam Management1(1991)
Nap: Companion Guide To Infectious Diseases Of Mice & Rats (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Comparative Dosimetry Of Radon In Mines & Homes1(1991)
Nap: Competitiveness Of The U S Minerals & Metals Industry (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Complex Mixtures: Methods For In Vivo Toxicity Testing1(1988)
Nap: Computers At Risk: Safe Computing In The Information Age (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Condensed–matter Physics (paper Only) (vol 3 Of Series 0814)1(1986)
Nap: Confronting Aids: Update 1988 (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Confronting Climate Change: Strategies For Energy Research & Development (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Consensus Development At The Nih: Improving The Program (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Conserving Biodversity: A Research Agenda For Development Agencies (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Contaminated Marine Sediments: Assessment & Remediation (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Contraception & Reproduction: Health Consequenc For Women & Child In Dev Worl (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Corporate Restructing & Industrial Research & Development (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Crew Size & Maritime Safety1(1991)
Nap: Design & Analysis Of Integrated Manufacturing Systems1(1988)
Nap: Designing Foods: Animal Product Options In Them/place (cloth) (prev Chang Americ Mar)1(1988)
Nap: Designing Foods: Animal Product Options In Them/place (paper) (prev Chang Americ Mar)1(1988)
Nap: Diet & Health: Implications For Reducing Chronic Disease Risk1(1990)
Nap: Directions In Engineering Research (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Distributed Decision Making: Report Of A Workshop (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Dolphins & The Tuna Industry (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Drinking Water & Health – Disinfectants & Disinfectant By–products Vol 7 (pr Only)1(1987)
Nap: Drinking Water & Health: Pharmacokinetics In Risk Assessment Vol 8(pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Drinking Water & Health: Selected Issues In Risk Assessment (pr Only)(+index V1–v9) Vol 91(1990)
Nap: Earthquake Engineering For Concrete Dams: Design Perform & Res Needs (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Ecological Risks: Perspectives From Poland & The United States1(1990)
Nap: Educating Mathematical Scientists: Doctoral Study & The Postdoctoral Experience In The United States (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Education & Training In The Care & Use Of Laboratory Animals (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Eighteenth Symposium On Naval Hydrodynamics1(1991)
Nap: Enabling Technologies For Unified Life–cycle Engineering Of Structural Components (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Ending Mandatory Retirement For Tenured Faculty: The Conseq For Higher Education1(1991)
Nap: Engineering & The Advancement Of Human Welfare: Ten Outstanding Ach 1964–1989 (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Environmental Epidemeology Vol 1: Public Health & Hazardous Wastes1(1992)
Nap: Environmental Neurotoxicology (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Estimating Probabilities Of Extreme Flood: Methods & Recommended Research(pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Europe 1992: The Implications Of Market Integration For R & D–intensive Firms (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Everybody Counts: A Report To The Nation On The Future Of Mathematics Education1(1989)
Nap: Expanding Access To Investigational Therapies For Hiv Infection & Aids (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Fateful Choices: The Future Of The U.s. Academic Research Enterprise (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Field Testing Genetically Modified Organisms: Framework For Decisions (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Finding Common Ground: U.s.export Controls In A Changed Global Environment1(1991)
Nap: Fishing Vessel Safety: Blueprint For A National Program1(1991)
Nap: Food Aid Projections For The Decade Of The 1990?s (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Food Chemicals Codex 3ed (3rd Supplement) (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Forestry Research: A Mandate For Change (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Fostering Flexibility In The Engineering Work Force (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Four–dimensional Model Assimilation Of Data: A Strategy For The Earth (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Frontiers In Chemical Engineering: Research Needs & Opportunities (cloth)1(1988)
Nap: Frontiers In Chemical Engineering: Research Needs & Opportunities (paper)1(1988)
Nap: Frontiers In The ?nutrition Sciences? (pr Onl Y)1(1990)
Nap: Fuels To Drive Our Future1(1990)
Nap: Fulfilling The Promise: Biology Education In The Nation?s Schools1(1990)
Nap: Geodesy In The Year 2000 (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Grasslands & Grassland Sciences In Northern China (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Ground Water & Soil Contamination Remediation: Toward Compatible Science, Policy, & Public Perception (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Ground Water Models: Scientific & Regulatory Applications1(1991)
Nap: Hazardous Waste Site Management – Water Quality Issues (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Haze In The Grand Canyon: An Evaluation Of The Winter Haze Inten Trace Exper (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Health Effects Of Exposure To Low Levels Of Ionizing Radiation: Beir V (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Health Effects Of Exposure To Low Levels Of Ionizing Radiation: Beir V (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Health Risks Of Radon & Other Internally Depos Alpha–emitters – Beir Iv (cloth)1(1988)
Nap: Health Risks Of Radon & Other Internally Depos Alpha–emitters – Beir Iv (paper)1(1988)
Nap: Hip Fracture: Setting Priorities For Effectiveness Research (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Homelessness Health & Human Needs (paper)1(1988)
Nap: Human Exposure Assessment For Airborne Pollutants: Advances & Opportunities1(1991)
Nap: Hurricane Elena Gulf Coast August 29 – September 2 1985 (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Hypersonic Technology For Military Application (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Immunodeficient Rodents: A Guide To Their Immunobiology Husbandry & Use1(1991)
Nap: Improving Consensus Development For Health Technology Assessment: An Int (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Improving Engineering Design: Designing For Competitive Advantage (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Improving Risk Communication (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Improving Risk Communication (paper)1(1990)
Nap: Infectious Diseases Of Mice & Rats1(1991)
Nap: Infectious Diseases Of Mice & Rats Set (book & Companion)1(1991)
Nap: Information Technology & The Conduct Of Research: The User?s View (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Intellectural Property Issues In Software1(1991)
Nap: International Global Network Of Fiducial Stations: Scientific & Implementation Issues (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Investing In Research: A Proposal To Strenghten The Agric Food & Envir System (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Irrigation–induced Water Quality Problems: What Can Be Learned From The San Joa Vall Ex1(1991)
Nap: Keeping The U.s. Computer Industry Competitive: Defining The Agenda (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Keeping The U.s. Computer Industry Competitive: Systems Integration (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Land Use Planning & Oil & Gas Leasing On Onshore Federal Lands (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Liquid Crystalline Polymers (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Lost Crops Of The Incas: Little–known Plants Of The Andes With Prom For World Cultivati1(1990)
Nap: Managing Coastal Erosion1(1990)
Nap: Managing Global Genetic Resources: Forest Trees1(1991)
Nap: Managing Troubled Waters: The Role Of Marine Environmental Monitoring (309 04080 9)1(1990)
Nap: Managing Water Resources In The West Under Conditions Of Climate Uncertainty (pr Only) (proc Arizona Nov 1990)1(1992)
Nap: Mapping & Sequencing The Human Genome (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Margins: A Research Initiative For Inter Stud (pr Only) (proc California Nov 1988)1(1990)
Nap: Marine Aquaculture: Opportunities For Growth1(1992)
Nap: Materials For ?high–density? Electronic Packa Ging& Interconnection (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Materials Science & Engineering For 1990?s: Maintaining Compet In The Age Of Mat1(1990)
Nap: Measuring & Understanding Coastal Processes For Engineering Purposes (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Medical Professional Liability & The Delivery Of Obstetrical Care, Vol 11(1990)
Nap: Medical Technology Assessment Directory: A Pilot Ref To Organizat & Assessment1(1988)
Nap: Medically Assisted Conception: An Agenda For Research (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Medicare: A Strategy For Quality Assurance Vol 11(1990)
Nap: Memorial Tributes Vol 41(1991)
Nap: Microlivestock: Little–known Small Animals With A Promising Economic Future (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Modern Methods Of Clinical Investigation1(1990)
Nap: Monitoring Human Tissues For Toxic Substances1(1991)
Nap: Monitoring Southern California?s Coastal Waters (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Moving Beyond Myths: Revitalizing Undergraduate Mathematics (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities1(1992)
Nap: Myopia: Prevalence & Progression (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: National Energy Modeling System (nems) (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Neem: A Tree For Solving Global Problems (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: New Horizons In Electro–chemical Science & Technology1(1987)
Nap: New Medical Devices: Invention Development & Use (cloth)(symp Washington March 1987)1(1988)
Nap: New Medical Devices: Invention Development & Use (paper)(symp Washington March 1987)1(1988)
Nap: North American Continent–ocean Transects Program (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Nutrient Requirements Of Beef Cattle (pr Only)1(1985)
Nap: Nutrient Requirements Of Cats Revised Ed 1986 (pr Only)1(1986)
Nap: Nutrient Requirements Of Horses Revised 5ed (plus Disk) (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Nutrient Requirements Of Swine 9ed Revised 1988 (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Nutrition During Lactation1(1991)
Nap: Nutrition During Pregnancy1(1991)
Nap: Nutrition Issues In Developing Countries: Pt 1: Diarrheal Diseases: Pt 2 Diet & Activity During Pregnancy & Lactation (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Nutrition Labeling: Issues & Directions For The 1990s (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: On Time To The Doctorate: A Study Of The Increased Time To Com Doct (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Opportunities & Priorities In Artic Geoscience (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Opportunities In Applied Environmental Research & Development (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Opportunities In Biology (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Opportunities In The Hydrologic Sciences1(1991)
Nap: Opportunities To Improve Marine Forecasting (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Oral Contraceptives & Breast Cancer1(1991)
Nap: Our Seabed Frontier: Challenges & Choices (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Ozone Depletion Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Pay Now Or Pay Later: Controlling Cost Of Ownership From Design Throughout The Service Life Of Public Buildings (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: People & Technology In The Workplace1(1992)
Nap: Plasma Processing Of Materials: Scientific Opportunities & Technological Challenges (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Policy Implications Of Greenhouse Warming1(1991)
Nap: Potential Applications Of Concentrated Solar Photons (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Poultry Inspection: The Basis For A Risk– Assessment Approach (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Prenatal Care: Reaching Mothers Reaching Infants (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Preservation Of Historical Records1(1986)
Nap: Prevention & Treatment Of Alcohol Problems: Research Opportunities (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Primary Care Physicians: Financing Their Gradual Medical Educa In Ambulat Set (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Radioactive Waste Repository Licensing: Synopsis Of A Symposium (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Recent Advances In Hazardous Materials Trans Research: An Inter Exchange (pr Only)1(1986)
Nap: Recommended Dietary Allowances 10ed (cloth)1(1990)
Nap: Regulating Pesticides In Food: The Delaney Paradox (pr Only)1(1987)
Nap: Renewing U.s. Mathematics: A Plan For The 1990s (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Research & Service Programs In The Phs: Challenges In Organization (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Research Briefings 1987 (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Research Directions In Computational Mechanics (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Research Opportunites For Materials With Ultrafine Microstructures (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Research Strategies For The U.s.global Change Research Program (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Reshaping School Mathematics: A Philosphy & Framework For Curriculum (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Responding To Changes In Sea Level: Engineering Implications (pr Only)1(1987)
Nap: Responsible Science: Ensuring The Integrity Of The Research Process Vol 11(1992)
Nap: Responsible Science: Ensuring The Integrity Of The Research Process Vol 1 (paper)1(1992)
Nap: Restoration Of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology, & Public Policy1(1992)
Nap: Rethinking The Ozone Problem In Urban & Regional Air Pollution1(1992)
Nap: Reykjavik & Beyond–deep Reductions In Strategic Nuclear Arsenals Etc (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Safety Of Tourist Submersibles (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Saline Agriculture: Salt–tolerant Plants For Developing Countries (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Saragosa Texas Tornado May 22 1987: An Evaluation Of The Warning Sys (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Scaling Up: A Research Agenda For Software Engineering (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Science & Technol In The Academic Enterprise: Status Trends & Issues (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Science & Technology Leadership In American Government: Ensuring The Best Presidential Appointments (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Science, Medicine, & Animals (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Sea Level Change1(1991)
Nap: Search For Lifes Origins: Progress & Future Dirin Planet Biolog & Chemi Evol (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Snow Avalanche Hazards & Mitigation In The United States (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Soviet–american Dialogue In The Social Scienc Research Workshops On Int (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Astronomy & Astrophysics (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Fundamental Phy & Chemistry (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Imperfor The Dec 1995 To 2015 (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Life Sciences (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Mission To Planet Earth (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Overview (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Planetary & Lunar Explorata (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Science In The Twenty–first Century: Solar & Space Physics (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: Space Station Design Engineering Issues (pr Only) (w/shop Nov 88 California)1(1991)
Nap: Spatial Statistics & Digital Image Analysis (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Star 21: Strategic Technologies For The Army Of The Twenty–first Century1(1992)
Nap: Status & Applications Of Diamond & Diamond– Like Materials: An Emerging Technology1(1991)
Nap: Strategy For The Detection & Study Of Other Planetary Systems & Extrasolar Planetary Materials 1990–2000 (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Supercomputers: Directions In Technology & Applications (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Surface Coal Mining Effects On Ground Water Recharge (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education In The Field: A Proceedings (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Tanker Spills: Prevention By Design1(1991)
Nap: Technology & Economics1(1991)
Nap: The Academic Research Enterprise Within The Industrialized Nations (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: The Aids Research Program Of The National Institutes Of Health (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: The Competitive Edge: Research Priorities For U.s.manufacturing1(1991)
Nap: The Decade Of Discovery In Astronomy & Astrophysics (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The Eruption Of Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano Colombia, South America, November 13, 1985 (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The Field Of Solar Physics: Review & Recommen For Ground–based Solar Res (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: The Future Of Public Health (cloth)1(1988)
Nap: The Future Of Public Health (paper)1(1988)
Nap: The Future Of The U.s.–soviet Nuclear Relationship (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: The Improvement Of Tropical & Subtropical Rangelands (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The Internationalization Of U S Manufacturing Causes & Consequences (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The Mono Basin Ecosystem: Effects Of Changing Lake Levels (pr Only)1(1987)
Nap: The New Years Eve Flood On Oahu Hawaii Dec 31 1987 – Jan 1 1988 (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The Nuclear Weapons Complex: Management For Health Safety & The Environ (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: The Role Of Fluids In Crustal Processes1(1990)
Nap: The Social & Built Environment In An Older Society (pr Only)1(1988)
Nap: The Transition To Democracy: Proceedings Of A Workshop (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: The U S Global Change Research Program: An Assesment Of The Fy 1991 Plan (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: The U S National Plant Germplasm System1(1991)
Nap: Time Horizons & Technology Investments (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Toward Sustainability: Soil & Water Research Priorities For Developing Countries (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Tracking Toxic Substances At Indust Facil: Eng Mass Bal Vers Mater Accountin (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Transportation In An Aging Society: Improving Mobility & Safety For Old Persons Vol 1 (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Transportation In An Aging Society: Improving Mobility & Safety For Old Persons Vol 2 (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: U S Nuclear Engineering Education: Status & Prospects (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: U.s.–japan Technology Linkages In Biotechnology: Challenges For The 1990s (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Understanding Agriculture – Education In The Secondary Schools (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Understanding Agriculture: New Directions For Education (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Undiscovered Oil & Gas Resources: An Evaluation Of The Department Of The Interior?s 1989 Assessment Procedures (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: United States Antarctic Research: Report No 32 To The Scientific Committee On Antarctic Research (scar) 1 April 1989–31 Mar 1990 (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: United States Antartic Research (pr Only)1(1990)
Nap: Use Of Laboratory Animals In Biomedical & Behavioral Research (pr Only)1(1989)
Nap: Using Oil Spill Dispersants On The Sea (cloth)1(1989)
Nap: Using Oil Spill Dispersants On The Sea (paper)1(1989)
Nap: Vitamin Tolerance Of Animals (pr Only)1(1987)
Nap: Water Transfers In The West: Efficiency, Equity, & The Environment1(1992)
Nap: Women In Science & Engineering: Increasing Their Numbers In The 1990?s (pr Only)1(1992)
Nap: Working Papers: Astronomy & Astrophysics Panel Reports (pr Only)1(1991)
Nap: Zero Alcohol & Oth Opt: Limits For Truck & Bus Drivers: Special Report 216 (pr Only)1(1989)
Nat Acad Press ?challenges? To ?astronomy? & Astro Phy Working Documents Of The Etc (pr Only)1(1983)
Nat Acad Press Caus & Eff Of Chang In ?stratospher Ic? ?ozone? – Update 1983 (paper Only)1(1985)
Nat Acad Press: Astronomy & Astro For The 1980?s – Report Of The Astronomy Etc (pr Only)1(1982)
Nat Acad Press: Astronomy & Astro For The 1980?s – Reports Of The Panels Vol 2 (pr Only)1(1983)
Nat Acad Press: Fundamental Research On ?estuaries ? – Importance Of An Interdis App (pr Only)1(1983)
Nat Acad Press: Stud Isolation Sys For Geologic Di Sposof ?radioactive Wastes? (paper Only)1(1983)
Nat Acad Press:nutrient Requirements Of Goats: Angora Dairy & Meat Goats Etc. (paper Only)1(1981)
Nat Academy Press:effect On Human Health Of Subthepa Use Of Antimicrobials In Animal Feeds1(1980)
National Academy Press ?55 – A Decade Of Experienc E?1(1985)
National Academy Press ?ability Testing? – Uses Consequences And Controversies1(1982)
National Academy Press ?airline Pilot? Age Health & Performance – Scientific & Medical Con1(1981)
National Academy Press ?animals As Monitors? Of Environmental Pollutants1(1979)
National Academy Press ?animals? For Research 10ed1(1979)
National Academy Press ?architectural? Fabric Stru Ct –use Of Tensioned Fab Struct (pr Only)1(1985)
National Academy Press ?byssinosis? – Clinical And Research Issues1(1982)
National Academy Press ?cancer? Today – Origins Prevention And Treatment (paper Only)1(1985)
National Academy Press ?career Outcomes? In Matche D Samples Of Man & Woman Phd?s1(1981)
National Academy Press ?chlorine? And Hydrogen Chloride1(1976)
National Academy Press ?chloroform? Carbon Tetrachloride & Other Halomethanes Etc1(1978)
National Academy Press ?coal Mining? & Ground–wate R Resources In The U S (paper Only)1(1981)
National Academy Press ?copper?1(1977)
National Academy Press ?deterrence? & Incap – Est The Effects Of Crim Sanctions On Crime Rate1(1978)
National Academy Press ?diesel Cars? – Benefits Ri Sks And Public Policy1(1982)
National Academy Press ?diesel Technology? (paper Only)1(1982)
National Academy Press ?disasters? And The Mass Me Dia1(1980)
National Academy Press ?doctoral? Scientists In Oceanography1(1981)
National Academy Press ?drinking Water? And Health (paper Only)3(1977-82)
National Academy Press ?ecological? Aspects Of Development In The Humid Tropics1(1982)
National Academy Press ?effect? Of ?environment? O N Nutr Requirem Of Dom Animals (pr Only)1(1981)
National Academy Press ?engineering Tech Education ?1(1986)
National Academy Press ?estimating Population? And Income Of Small Arears1(1980)
National Academy Press ?experiments? And Research Withhumans – Values In Conflict1(1975)
National Academy Press ?explosive Volcanism? – Inception Evolution And Hazards1(1985)
National Academy Press ?families That Work? – Children In A Changing World1(1982)
National Academy Press ?feeding Value? Of Ethanol Production By–products1(1981)
National Academy Press ?folic Acid? – Biochemistry & Physio In Rel To The Human Nutr Requ1(1977)
National Academy Press ?geothermal Resources? & Technology In The United States1(1979)
National Academy Press ?groundwater? Contamination (paper Only)1(1985)
National Academy Press ?health Services? Research1(1979)
National Academy Press ?health? & Behavior – Front Iersof Research In The Biobehavioral Scienc1(1982)
National Academy Press ?health? Planning In The Us – Selected Policy Issues1(1981)
National Academy Press ?high School? & The Changin G Workplace– The Employers View (pr Only)1(1984)
National Academy Press ?indoor? Pollutants1(1981)
National Academy Press ?infants? At Risk For Development Dysfunction1(1982)
National Academy Press ?insect–pest? Mgt And Contr Ol1(1969)
National Academy Press ?job Evaluation? – An Analy Tic Review1(1979)
National Academy Press ?knowledge & Policy? – The Uncertain Connection1(1978)
National Academy Press ?laboratory? Animal Housing1(1979)
National Academy Press ?manpower? Policy For Prima Ry Health Care (paper Only)1(1978)
National Academy Press ?marijuana? And Health1(1982)
National Academy Press ?marine? Invertebrates1(1981)
National Academy Press ?maternal? Nutrition And Th E Course Of Pregnancy (paper Only)1(1970)
National Academy Press ?mineral Resources? – Genet Ic Understanding For Practical Application1(1981)
National Academy Press ?naval? Hydrodynamics1(1979)
National Academy Press ?neotropical Primates? – Fi Eld Studies And Conservation1(1976)
National Academy Press ?nickel?1(1975)
National Academy Press ?nuclear Science? In China1(1980)
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